Winery Consulting

We have a passion for small, hand-crafted, family-owned wineries of amazing wines conveying a sense of place! With a marketplace crowded with more and more brands, wines and varietals, even the finest wines face the challenge of reaching their ideal wine buyer and consumer.

That is where The Educated Grape can help! 

We specialize in forwarding the sales and marketing efforts for small, luxury wineries who are seeking growth and market share. Whether it is distributor management and strategies or connecting wine enthusiasts to memorable wine producers virtually, we provide the resources and expertise to grow your business.  

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Are you ready to grow your brand in a challenging marketplace?

Are these areas of your business that you would like to grow and enhance without sacrificing your time to dedicate to your focus?  

  • Grow your Direct to Consumer business 
  • Grow your email list and Wine Club membership
  • Enhance your distribution business and get the share of mind and focus from distributors that you deserve
  • Have a dynamic virtual event program that will connect you to more wine enthusiasts and strengthen the followers you already have
  • Have a cohesive message and marketing plan factoring in social media, email marketing and events

We can provide you exciting results to grow your business and expand your reach!

We will work tirelessly, strategically, and methodically to achieve these results from years of proven experience, relationships and successful results in the marketplace. We will partner with you to:

  • Craft clear and compelling messaging that convey's your winery's vision so consumers and buyers can connect more clearly 
  • Create forward thinking strategies for your Direct to Consumer and Distribution business aimed at developing a strategy that will and grow your business organically
  • Create dynamic and interactive virtual events aimed at educating, growing sales, and creating added loyalty
  • Excite your email list and grow it through consistent and diversified content with the goal of converting more of them to your Wine Club
  • Develop a marketing program connecting all revenue channels are working in synergy in addition to social media 

Family-Owned Wineries we proudly represent

We would love the opportunity to support your growing winery!

If you are interested in working with us, and seeing how we can help you reach your goals, please fill out the following brief form. We follow up with you at our earliest opportunity.